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The main fuselage of the Steel Breeze airframe is constructed of 1 inch diameter chromolly steel fabricated and aircraft welded. We use the same aircraft welding procedures used on Certified Aircraft airframes. Tabs are welded onto the airframe to attach the Anodized Aluminum components used to complete the PPC structure.

No bulky clamps to hold joints together, no bolts, nuts or washers, no main frame flexing. Absolutely, a clean finished frame with less weight than many others.

Below are images of the Steel Breeze airframe during it's various stages of construction.





Our frames are welded in specially made jigs that provide exact high standards of quality and precision. It just doesnt get any better than this. 

Steel Breeze is staged for the Sport Pilot Standards. Along with the strength combination of welded steel, anodized aluminum and years of aircraft construction the Steel Breeze has an airframe that meets and exceeds the standards. You can tell by a first look that the safety of the pilot and passenger and the durability of the aircraft have been first and foremost in the design. The Steel Breeze design has been carefully thought out to provide stability and safety with the roll bar frame, frontal bars, wide center of gravity attach points and true seat separation.

Light weight with high strength is the key to making a PPC airframe that will provide safety and performance. The Steel Breeze comes in with light weight for 2 place operation without loosing strength integrity. This provides more usable weight loads on the Steel Breeze.

A Statement from the test pilot; This airframe is amazing. I have flown many types of PPCs and this Steel Breeze has the feeling of rock solid stability and comfort and a climb rate that is the best Ive ever experienced in Powered Parachute. The 4 point riser attach system gives this aircraft a solid platform and with directional input that stays solid in the turn with no twisting or bobbing like many with single point attach risers. In my opinion this is a PPC that I have been waiting to fly for a long time. Its a winner.

The performance of the Steel Breeze can be attributed to the study of many different types of Powered Parachute set ups and trial and error testing. The Steel Breeze in our opinion has perfected the complicated design mysteries of thrust lines, riser lengths and c of g adjustments to finally find the optimum formula to give the Steel Breeze PPC a flight standard second to none.

WHATS different in the design, it looks like a lot of others ??

At first glance the Steel Breeze does look like a lot of others and when we started to build the Steel Breeze we looked at many of what we thought were great looking and working PPCs in the market. We talked to the people shopping for PPCs to see what they were looking for in a PPC. We did our homework.

The Steel Breeze may have the look of many PPC models on the market but it has unique design qualities built in that make it one of the best on the market today. The wide center of gravity feature with 4 riser pick up points make stability amazing. The teeter totter feeling on the narrow c of g with single point pick up is gone. 

The higher than center thrust line lateral attach gives an awesome yet comfortable rate of climb. This also provides smoother throttle transition during landing as the aircraft has less tendency to oscillate with throttle setting changes.

Rear Seat tank, comfortable and lots of leg room. Front Pilot seat is a full highback seat in a comfortable seating position. Both seats come standard with 4 point safety harness.

Full roll cage protection and frontal bars are standard.

Unique strong full action bungee suspension. Used on many conventional aircraft types, simple, works well and is very easily maintained.

Our Dyno-focal motor mount is unique to all our designs and keeps engine vibration to a minimum. Proven on thousands of aircraft.

Cable system risers and stainless steel attach points make the strength to handle in excess of 5 Gs in load testing. Safety first on this system, over and above standard limits.


The Steel Breeze Powered Parachute may be the first new PPC to enter the market with the SPORT PILOT Manufacturers standards already in place. When Sport Pilot LSA becomes mandatory the Steel Breeze will be in compliance and ready to go.

Again the years of manufacturing and experience with worldwide regulations the manufacturer of the Steel Breeze has everything in order for the Steel Breeze to be Sport Pilot Compliant. How is that for being ahead of the curve.


The Steel Breeze comes with an airframe that has a unique system that allows a variety of engine options that will fit the airframe. No longer do you have to be limited to only one or two engine choices. Steel Breeze has a variety of engine options already proven on our aircraft. 

Again the years of experience and research and development is built into the Steel Breeze to offer the customer more choices. What engine do you want? See our Options sections for more information.


You can buy the basic airframe less the engine and canopy. See our OPTIONS PAGE for details.

Now you can have a brand new Steel Breeze airframe and use your engine from you old PPC and your canopy and have a new ride in the sky. The brand new complete package would be nice but this options makes a Steel Breeze even more affordable for you to upgrade.


The Steel Breeze can come to you ready to fly or you can have the fun of assembling the kit yourself. Either way its a simple procedure.

Factory built Steel Breeze is ready to fly, just uncrate it, put the wheels on, put gas in and fly. (Make sure you take some instruction and do the legal stuff.) Factory built Steel Breeze is completely set up and test flown before it is packaged. Freight cost is higher due to size of finished package or you are welcome to pick it up at the factory and see what else we do here. No muss no fuss just a bit more cost.

The Steel Breeze Kit is so simple to build you will want the kids to help you. The welded main frame makes the Steel Breeze assembly simple and fool proof. Build time is cut in half with this kind of kit. Just think you could easily have this delivered to your door on Friday and be in the air by Monday. Just imagine. Kit comes with everything you need to complete the aircraft. We have been offering customer build aircraft kits worldwide for 18 years and you can be assured we know what the first time builder needs to be pleased and safe with an aircraft kit. We have online support / service with experienced technicians to assist you with whatever you need.

All of these features and the long standing organization and experience of an aircraft manufacturer make the Steel Breeze a shoe in for Sport Pilot Powered Parachute Aircraft.


Standard Steel Breeze Airframe consists of:

  • Main airframe (Powder coated 1 inch chrome molly aircraft quality TIG welded frame cage, see color choices ), Black anodized 6061T6 1 inch Aluminum Prop guard.

  • Dual deluxe seating, rear seat fuel cell 14 US gal., deluxe black seat covers.

  • 4 Point Safety harness for both seats. 

  • 64 inch GSC Tech 3 propeller ground adjustable

  • 8 Azusa Aluminum Mag Wheels

  • Butterfly Steering wheel with u-joint controls.

  • Dyno-focal motor mount 

  • Stainless Steel cable and clamp with 4 point riser attach system

  • Mustang 500 Sq. Ft. high performance canopy with canopy bag and line socks included.

  • Long handle Throttle Quadrant

  • Foot bars canopy steering system

  • Unique bungee control shock dampening system. Used on many certified aircraft.

Construction Materials:

  • Aircraft quality TIG welded frame 1 4130 .063 Chrome Molly

  • 1 6061 T6 Aluminum Aircraft Grade

  • Quality AN aircraft hardware.

  • Stainless Steel bracketing.




Width at main gear wheels Standard wheels

= 70 inches

Width at main gear wheels Jumbo wheels

= 74 inches

Overall width at prop guard 

= 76 inches


= 123 inches

Height top of prop guard Standard wheels

= 83 inches

Height top of prop guard Jumbo wheels

= 85 inches



The following weights are provided with our Standard Steel Breeze airframe with different engine options, gear box options and with or without electric start options that include the battery. Included in the posted weights are the Parachute Wing Mustang 500 sq. ft. and 3 Blade Tech 3 GSC Ground Adjustable Propeller.

Airframe only weight
, including Parachute Wing and Propeller less engine  

= 227 lbs

Rotax 503 DCDI, B-Box with Pull Start 

= 323 lbs

Rotax 503 DCDI, B-Box w/Electric Start & Mag End 

= 343 lbs

Rotax 503 DCDI, C-Box (dampener) w/ Pull Start 

= 331 lbs

Rotax 503 DCDI, E-Box w/ Electric Start 

= 347 lbs

Rotax 582 Liquid cooled B-Box w/Pull Start 

= 342 lbs

Rotax 582 Liquid cooled B-Box w/Electric Start and Mag End

= 361 lbs

Rotax 582 Liquid cooled E-Box w/Electric Start 

= 363 lbs

Hirth 3503 Liquid cooled with gear box and Electric Start 

= 350 lbs

HKS 700E 4 stroke with Electric Start 

= 376 lbs


Maximum Gross Weights: 
These posted weights are based on Parachute Wing size and type.

Parachute Type:

Mustang S-500 (Rectangular)

= 850 lbs

Mustang S-550 (Rectangular)

= 950 lbs

Thunderbolt E-340 (Elliptical)

= 900 lbs

Payload: The difference between empty weight plus fuel weight and the allowable gross weight depending on equipment used.

Glide Ratio: Depends on actual gross weight and equipment used. Between 4 to 1 up to 6 to 1.

Rate of Climb: Depends on total gross weight and equipment used and weather conditions. Between 400 to 800 feet per minute.

Take off Roll: 50 to 300 feet depending on gross weight and weather conditions.

Landing Roll: 50 to 100 feet.

Cruise Airspeed: 25 to 35 MPH depending on gross weight, weather conditions and type of Parachute wing you are using. The Elliptical wings will fly 6-10 mph faster.


Steel Breeze Airframe available in the following color choices (please note that colors/tone may not be exactly as shown):

Black Frame

Blue Frame

Green Frame

Red Frame

White Frame

Yellow Frame



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