Glenn Hambric's Mini Breeze

On a bright sunny September day, we were happy to greet Glenn Hambric from El Cajun, CA who came by to see us to personally pick up his FAR 103 Mini Breeze with the Rotax 503 engine.

Glenn had enjoyed some touring around in Oregon, Idaho, and Alberta before coming to pick up his Mini Breeze at our location.

Glenn was looking for a machine that would accommodate the 103 regulation that would fit his build and his desire to fly something built strong and fun to fly. We were happy to help him out with his request and on September 13th, Glenn came and loaded up his new kit. Thanks Glenn, it was nice meeting you and we hope you enjoy your time with your new Mini Breeze.

Glenn’s cool trailer where he normally houses his Harley Davidson

Glenn and Dale assessing the truck cab to accommodate the Mini Breeze airframe

Mary and Dale loading up the well wrapped Mini Breeze airframe

Dale and Glenn putting some of the Mini Breeze accessories in Glenn’s trailer

Mary carrying the prop and asking if there’s room for her (ha! ha!)

Almost ready to go


Glenn and Mary – one last picture before Glenn leaves




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