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Standard 103 Mini Breeze Airframe consists of:

  • Main airframe (Powder coated 1 inch chrome molly aircraft quality TIG welded frame cage, see color choices

  • Black anodized 6061T6 1 inch Aluminum Prop guard. 

  • Seat fuel cell 12 US gal., (limited to 5 gal for USA 103) deluxe black seat covers. 

  • 4 Point Safety harness for both seats. 

  • GSC fixed pitch propeller (ground adjustable available upon request) 

  • 6 spun AL rim with CNC machined hub and high speed bearing (13 OD) 

  • Butterfly Steering wheel with u-joint controls. 

  • Dyno-focal motor mount 

  • Stainless Steel cable and clamp with 4 point riser attach system 

  • Mustang 380 Sq. Ft. high performance canopy with canopy bag and line socks included. 

  • Long handle Throttle Quadrant 

  • Foot bars canopy steering system 

  • Unique bungee control shock dampening system. Used on many certified aircraft.

Construction Materials:

  • Aircraft quality TIG welded frame 1 4130 .049 Chrome Molly 

  • 1 6061 T6 Anodized Aluminum Aircraft Grade Prop Guard

  • Quality AN aircraft hardware. 

  • Stainless Steel bracketing. 



Width at main gear wheels Standard wheels

= 72 inches

Overall width at prop guard 

= 72 inches


= 101 inches

Height top of prop guard Standard wheels

= 85 inches


The following weights are provided with our Standard MINI Breeze airframe and the different engine options. 

Airframe only weight, including Parachute Wing

= 140 - 145 lbs


Rotax 447 DCDI, B-Box with Pull Start 

= 240 lbs

Rotax 503 DCDI, B-Box w/Pull Start 

= 253 lbs

Maximum Gross Weights: 
These posted weights are based on Parachute Wing size and type.

Parachute Type:

Mustang S-380 (Rectangular)

= 550 lbs

Mustang E-280 (Elliptical)

= 600 lbs

Thunderbolt E-310 (Elliptical)

= 600 lbs

Payload: The difference between empty weight plus fuel weight and the allowable gross weight depending on equipment used.

Glide Ratio: Depends on actual gross weight and equipment used. Between 4 to 1 up to 6 to 1.

Rate of Climb: Depends on total gross weight and equipment used and weather conditions. Between 400 to 800 feet per minute.

Take off Roll: 50 to 300 feet depending on gross weight and weather conditions.

Landing Roll: 50 to 100 feet.

Cruise Airspeed: 25 to 35 MPH depending on gross weight, weather conditions and type of Parachute wing you are using. The Elliptical wings will fly 6-10 mph faster.


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